Yurt Resources

(* = resources I predominantly used to create my yurt)

The best yurt building resource in the world:

*Simply Different: Yurt: Seriously, this site is amazing. Especially the yurt calculator, that calculates dimensions/costs/etc. based on your preferences and creates auto-displays. It was put together by a math geek and there are suggested angles/proportions/ etc. for maintaining structural worthiness within what dimensions you want. There are more handy calculators hidden away in sections, like for the constructing the tono, plus many suggestions. Only downside is it’s all in metric (alas), and missing anything really useful on flat lattice timber walls.


*Paul King “The Complete Yurt Book”: The long-running bible of yurt makers. A bit sparse on details or alternatives and focuses more on authenticity, but contains 7 or 8 different totally workable, flexible yurt plans. Mainly what I used since it was recommended to me by a friend.

Becky Kemery “Yurts: Living in the Round”: Read this, but didn’t use it. Lots of pretty pictures.

Dan Frank Kuehn “Mongolian Cloud Houses”

David Pearson “Circle Houses: Yurts, Tipis and Benders”


The Del Mer Yurt: Awesomely useful example of building a 12′ yurt in sections very similar to mine. Though a little skimpy on technical details, it makes up for it in really handy pictures!

For the Love of Yurts: Seems kind of abandoned, most recent blog  posts mainly focus on selling the book and workshops, but there is plenty of random good stuff on here.

Rocket Mass Heater Yurt: Not technically about building the yurt, but about building it around a rocket stove, and it’s awesome! They made quite a large one too. Inspired me to consider doing my own rocket stove.

Tiny House Blog: Some yurt-related stuff, plenty of great material on living in small dwellings and off the grid, leads to many other great resources.


The Mongolian Yurt DIY

Burning Man “Yurt Without Steel”

Misc. Arcticles:

Mother Earth News “Everything you ever wanted to know about a yurt but were too afraid to ask” : nice little concise article about yurts in North America, many links to yurt companies

Gertee: A Yurt Made from Scraps! : sweet article about how seriously cheap you can get with your yurt making. AKA free.

Living in a Yurt in Alaska “Broadband, Yes. Toilet, No”: Couple sets up an expensive yurt in Alaska, interesting but mostly someone from the city going “oh I can’t even IMAGINE”



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