Building a Yurt (Finally!)

So, I’ve begun building a yurt. It’s been a mental pet project for a little under 2 years, and has resulted in much teasing from folks who’ve heard me gabble on about it. Which has been warranted, I’m very aware that I love the IDEA of something but often do not follow through on the more arduous end of it: creation. Several factors like time, money, and workspace did undermine me for awhile, but finally I found myself in the perfect combination of extra cash, 3-day weekends, tool availability, and a small garage with work surfaces for storage and building. Oh, and the fact that within a month or two I might not have a place to live or much income. That’s been a big factor!

It will look *something* like this.

SO it has begun! Honestly, it took about 3 weeks of calculations with suggestions from many resources to finally decide on exactly the dimensions of my yurt, with ongoing adjustments and fiddling. The end result however is that not only have I maximized the efficiency of lumber and maintained portability, but I should be able to turn my roomier 16ft yurt into a sportier 12~ish ft one with little effort. HAHA! Win.

I’ve been taking endless pictures and notes so far, so hopefully very soon I’ll update this with a true-blue idiots guide to making a cheap, sturdy yurt. Exciting!

This isn’t me, but I wish it was!

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