It’s amusing to me, in a sad sort of way, that when the first bits of Spring come calling in the forms of nubbins on tree branches and spears of bulbing sorts of flowers, that I find myself at home more often. Well, to be fair, I’m at home all the time in the Winter. Perhaps I notice it more because I desire to be outside, doing outside things, but realize to do all my projects my home base must be in order. The name for this is usually called “Spring Cleaning”, but I think of it more as “Spring Productivity”. Aside from the fact I’ve detangled the mass of clothes and assorted shoes that used to make up my closet floor, or that I finally took out several bins worth of trash, or  EVEN that I finally took the mass of cardboard out of my hallways to be used for mulch somewhere else, it’s not because I want things clean. It’s because I need all those things I lost in the mire, and I need more space to make a mess as the productivity fiend possesses me.

"Productivity Captured"
“Productivity Captured”

Painted a present for my father (first attempt at watercolors, don’t laugh), sewed myself a craft toolbelt (also no laughing), there’s the pattern for the felt dahlia in that stack, as well as Sandor Elitz Katz “Wild Fermentation” I’ve been reading, my box of fertilizer since I set down seeds today, and in the back a leaflet on classes at a weaving center. Also George Carling in the 70’s, which is just ❤ ❤ ❤


Oh yes, the shame of moving into my apartment 7 months ago and losing one itsy bitsy power cord in the mass of crap I didn’t unpack so much as dumped in corners. But it’s back! It feels like my lover has just returned from a long field work trip dirty and dusty and full of new research and life, but first my darling, it’s been far too long since I’ve seen that magnificent ass of yours and you simply must give me your pants…

Woop. Drifted off. This is what happens when you don’t have a boyfriend for long enough you form emotional attachments to the contents of your toolbox. Which I must admit is an improvement from high school, where I was attached to a romance novel or a sparkly pair of earrings.

What this post is actually about, dear unknown and probably non-existing reader, is a chronicle of my new spring projects. Aka, so I can remember what the hell I was up to in years to come, and so that you can share in the knowledge of my productivity harvests. Blogs can really be like scientific journals if you go about it the right way.

First off, I made soup. Oh, I know you’re thinking this is so rather exciting and so rather important that it completely explains why I felt the need to make a blog and pay the hosting fees and even pretend there is someone reading. However. It was. In fact. Rather tasty.

Creamy Hungarian Mushroom Soup

The fact that it kept me from being afraid of dill is enough of a reason to post it here. Dill is such a strong and distinct flavor and after a rather bad attempt at Gravlax that destroyed 3 pounds of good salmon, I’ve been wary. However this contains many strong flavors and things I usually don’t like (sour cream), but it all works. Trust me, just try it.

(Click Picture to go to the Je Mange La Ville food blog, where I got the recipe)

Note on my changes: I sauteed the onions and mushrooms for a few minutes on very high with some olive oil and added a bit of cumin to the roux.

I’ve set down a batch of seedlings. Doubtless most of them if not all of them will die like last year and I’ll tearfully drag myself to the Edible Garden Sale in May, but the hope is still alive! Unfortunately I believed the apartment got enough sunlight for seedlings, but the sprouting broccoli was getting leggy after a week in a sunny window so I put them outside today. Which brings me to one of my big advice tips. If you’re planting seeds in a big flat (which is rather handy) make sure to match like with like. Tomatoes, peppers, and even nasturiums all need a good 70 or so degrees to germinate as well as a good amount of humidity. So plant them together. I’ve got my sprouting broccoli, sugar snaps, and peas all in one flat because they’re all fairly hardy and good to about 40 degrees, etc.

Another first this week is the batch of beer I finally made. A wheat beer recipe that came with IMG_0330the mini brewery kit my folks got me from the Cellar Homebrew store in Shoreline for Christmas. Yesterday the little airlock was popping away happily. A sign that the yeast was kicking out Co2 and, my personal favorite, ethanol, but today it is a little less productive. Hopefully my fidgeting with the airlock and last minute decision to add kumquats to the wort didn’t cause some nasty beastie to take up residence in the fermentor. Or the fact that I completely botched the siphon about ten times and had to take that many shots of vodka to get my mouth clean enough to get the siphon going again. The resulting wort and hop dregs in my mouth causing me to spit and cough a bit and well… a  lot of *love* went into this batch of beer is all I’m saying.


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